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“Can’t you just give me something for constipation?”


I rested my stethoscope on her wrinkled belly and heard nothing. I pushed down gently and she jerked in pain. 


“I think you need to go the hospital,” I said. “You can barely stand me touching your stomach and you haven’t passed gas all day.”  


“But, can’t you just give me medicine?”


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Victory in Tough Seasons BG” by Lee Steele (modified by Shannon Gianotti)


I hate moments like this. Medicine—despite how it seems on TV—isn’t a perfect science. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if someone need surgery or if they’re just backed up. And, no one wants to spend six hours at the hospital to find out that they were, after all, just constipated.

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Confessions of a Taker

smgianotti  —  April 7, 2015

Recently, I drove my slow-leaking front tire over to Discount Tires. Twenty minutes later I drove off with one construction nail less, one patch more, and a receipt for $0.00.


I love free things.


Rsz laura merchant foot washing 

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I love the free advice Michael Hyatt gives on his blog—the app recommendations and statistics for why I should nap more. I love that a stranger with silver whiskers, staying in the campsite next to us, overheard our Coleman troubles and lent us his stove to cook our gumbo. I love that once when I ran an hour behind, bogged down by EKGs and sending patients to the hospital, my boss added my next patient to her schedule. 


Nothing perks me up like something free.


Let me clarify. Nothing perks me up like getting something free. 

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Love Every Minute

smgianotti  —  January 9, 2015
                  Every minute we’re called to love.
                  Many hours we’re called to serve. 
                  Some days we’re called to lead. 
                  But we only truly lead
                      during the days that we’ve been serving 
                   And we only truly serve
                      during the hours that we’ve been loving   
                         –Adapted from conversations with Dr. Reg Grant, Dallas Theological Seminary  

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