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I don’t really like confessing my sins. It’s a lot like going to the dentist, which I didn’t mind until last October. I sat in the exam chair, looking up at the X-rays and trying to process what my dentist was saying. Not me, I thought, not after thirty-two years. The tiny spot on the X-ray, though, refused to illuminate. My dental sins had found my out. After years of not flossing, I had a cavity. 


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The problem with confessing is that it requires us to face the decay inside. A pearly exterior doesn’t matter—how often we go to church or the amount of our charitable donations. Confession, like X-rays, looks for the evil rotting beneath the surface. 


Maybe we read our Bible several mornings a week and feel pretty “spiritual,” but that’s like showing up to God’s Dental with two rows of shiny teeth. He’s more concerned with what’s under the enamel. His radiographs might find that we’re rolling out of bed, not to hear from the God we love, but to manipulate him—we give up twenty minutes of our time and expect him, in return, to answer our prayers. Our devotions, held up to his light-box, might actually reveal self-centeredness Continue Reading…

I stood daydreaming as the bank teller processed my Canadian check.  


“PIN number, please,” she said. 


The four digits rattled off my lips, feeling strange. 


“Ma’am, please enter your PIN.”


Sometime, despite two bachelors and one masters degree, I’m an idiot. 

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I sped out of the bank parking lot and toward the grocery store. About two miles down the road, I started to worry. I just broadcasted my PIN number in a rough part of Dallas. Maybe I should have asked her to change my PIN. 


You’re just paranoid.


I recalled the iPhone I lost at a movie theater a couple months ago. A little paranoia then would have saved me several hundred dollars. Before grabbing a shopping cart, I checked the balance in my account.

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