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Every January, as friends talk about their plans to wake up earlier, run farther, and cut back on coffee (gasp!), I worry that I have commitment issues. Or, a lack of chutzpah. But, I just don’t see how hanging a new calendar in my office will make a difference in getting those life changes off the ground—you know, the ones that have been stuck on the tarmac for the last twelve months.


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The truth is, I’ve got a runway littered with abandoned plans to write more, exercise in the morning, and jump out of bed when the alarm goes off. But, it seems that I lack self-control. Why else do my good intentions always end up back where they started—as ideas, instead of realities Continue Reading…

Between bites of kimchi, my friend told me about her goal of developing a weekly rhythm at work. She pinched a clump of rice between her chopstick and explained that this would increase her productivity. 


As I drove home, I ruminated on the taste of garlic and the differences between our jobs. My friend depends on weekly and daily goals to keep her from drowning in a sea of details. I don’t have that problem. Each morning I find a schedule laying on the mahogany desk–my marching orders for the day.  


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One of the perks to being a nurse practitioner is that when I sign off on the last patient’s chart my day is done. No long-term projects to bleed into my weekend. No need for goals to organize my time.

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