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My friend felt guilty. A grad student and barely able to pay rent, he didn’t have enough money to tithe and worried that he was disappointing God. As I listened to the strain in his voice, it struck me that Jesus never taught about tithing.


Jesus’ silence on the subject is startling considering that money was one of his favorite topics. His voice fills the gospels with financial advice, stories about bosses, investors, and trust fund babies gone wrong. He admonished a rich businessman, commended a poor widow, and sent Peter to find their tax money in the mouth of a fish.

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In the church’s current fascination with tithing, it seems we’ve lost the breadth of God’s interest in our money. We’ve settled for an Old Testament rule, adding it to our checklist of ways to please God; but, by drawing a line around a part of our income and packing it off to the church, an orphanage in Africa, or the homeless shelter downtown, we’ve restricted the scope God’s interest in our money and, as a result, shrunk our relationship with of him Continue Reading…

Confessions of a Taker

smgianotti  —  April 7, 2015

Recently, I drove my slow-leaking front tire over to Discount Tires. Twenty minutes later I drove off with one construction nail less, one patch more, and a receipt for $0.00.


I love free things.


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I love the free advice Michael Hyatt gives on his blog—the app recommendations and statistics for why I should nap more. I love that a stranger with silver whiskers, staying in the campsite next to us, overheard our Coleman troubles and lent us his stove to cook our gumbo. I love that once when I ran an hour behind, bogged down by EKGs and sending patients to the hospital, my boss added my next patient to her schedule. 


Nothing perks me up like something free.


Let me clarify. Nothing perks me up like getting something free. 

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