Remember when we were kids and stories came to life? The lions climbed into Noah’s ark and we heard them roar. We watched the stone crater into Goliath’s forehead like a meteor.

But, then, we got old. We heard the same stories so many times, we wore holes in them. And, we learned how to study the bible–looking for context, theological principles, and applications. Who needs imagination when we can do all that?

You and I do. While exegesis, hermeneutics, and other multi-syllable words help us unpack the Bible, so does our imagination. God’s word contains more than facts. Sometimes, imagination is his best tool for capturing our emotions and inspiring us to live differently.

Drama is one of the ways I love to plunge into God’s word (and his world) with my imagination. As I write and perform dramas, I’ll upload them here. Most of them grow out of the Bible, but not all.

Read, watch, or perform them yourself.