Theology at the Table: Chef Andrew Powers  —  February 9, 2016

Does a chef think differently about God than software engineer or a kindergarten teacher? Probably, since God reveals himself in everything he’s made and our careers focus our attention on different corners of his world.

Over the last few blogs, I’ve explored how the culinary arts invite us into an understanding of life that is rooted in God’s extravagance–his love of beauty, diversity, and ephemerality. Since I’m a foodie, thinking about the connection between God and what’s in the fridge was inevitable, but it took a group project and an interview with Chef Andrew Powers to get me suited up and launched into the blogosphere about it.

Chef Andrew runs an old italian bistro, Tavolo Italia, in Frisco, TX and is part of my church family. In the video above, you’ll hear his perspective on God and faith, a vision shaped, in part, by years in food service. But, what about tax accountants, retail clerks, or you? What might the rest of our careers help us understand about God?

(P.S. Please forgive the glitch partway through…my video editing skills are still hatching.)

Question: What does insight does your vocation offer about God and life with him?


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